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Carshop is your source of automotive care and your premier diesel mechanic with a good attitude. We have been a part of the Rexburg community for over 30 years. Our customers trust us and we work hard for that trust. If a job can be put off until later or is not needed, we will tell you.

Our job is to find the problems, give you the information, and use our experience to help you make an informed decision that is best for your situation. There are many determining factors we consider before giving you a recommendation. Our philosophy is that if it is good for you, then it is good for us

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our location. We may not have seen it all but we have seen and fixed a lot of it. Our technicians have a combined 60 years of experience that we’ve honed working on all makes and models. We have designed our business to be fast, friendly… and competent.

We also have one of the best warranties in the area and our new location is designed to be comfortable and pleasant. You can come into our shop and not feel like you need to shower when you leave unless you want to of course. We are more than your average mechanic shop.

Not only in appearance, but also in performance. Come on in and see for yourself.

The mechanic industry has a bad reputation for cutting corners and doing shoddy work to make a quick buck. Our goal is to fix it the right way, the first time. We have 30 years of experience to diagnose and repair your vehicle correctly, yet we are not perfect and Murphy’s law is still running strong.

Bad things happen and usually at the worst time. We are so confident in our workmanship that we warranty our labor and parts with a National Warranty. If you have any issues with faulty parts or workmanship you will be covered any where in the nation by just placing a phone call!

Rexburg Certified Auto Mechanic

Trained, certified, and warrantied mechanics are what our clients choose. This extra security results in an improved partnership with you to accomplish better results.

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Building Better to support you!

We offer wicked awesome auto maintenance and auto repair services. When you come on in for a service you will find a full list of what we have to offer. Whatever it is, we can fix your problem.

“This place is great I’ve been here a couple times and this last time I thought I needed new brake pads but they looked at them and told me they were fine and didn’t charge me anything. They could have changed them anyway and gotten paid quite a bit but instead helping me out was more important even thought I wouldn’t have known the difference.”

“This is the only place I trust. Chuck is the best mechanic in the valley and along with the other mechanics here it’s going to get fixed right. Drew and Maverick are great to work with. Just had my Subaru Forester engine head gasket and everything along with it done. Amazing people and service.”

“This place is amazing! First time being here and I was in a time crunch, Drew and his team made sure I was out in time. They kept me up with time and really tended to my needs. Can’t go wrong coming to this place for anything with your car!!”

Our Promise to You

At Rexburg Car Shop, you can expect quality work backed with a lifetime of experience that will make sure your diesel vehicle leaves in top condition and running at peak performance. Our employees put their expertise to use as car mechanics armed with the latest technologies, giving maximum satisfaction to every customer – all while staying within your budget.

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