Having reliable brakes is essential for any driver, so it’s important to understand the basics of brake maintenance. After all, if your brakes fail, you could be putting yourself and your passengers in danger. In this blog post, we will break down all the basics of your brake maintenance that every driver should know.

The Different Types of Brakes and How They Work

There are two different types of brakes that drivers should be aware of. Drum brakes are typically found on older vehicles, while disc brakes are standard on most new cars. Both drum and disc brakes use a hydraulic system to pressurize brake fluid against a system of calipers and rotors which create friction and bring the car to a stop. 

The more pressure applied, the faster the car stops. Over time, both drum and disc brakes can wear down due to regular wear and tear. Therefore, regular maintenance is vital for keeping your brakes working properly.

Signs That You Need Brake Maintenance

It’s important to be aware of when your vehicle needs brake maintenance or repair so that you can stay safe on the road. Some signs that you need brake maintenance include squealing or grinding noises coming from your wheels when braking, increased stopping distance when pressing down on the brake pedal, or a shaking feeling in your steering wheel when braking hard. 

If you notice any of these issues with your vehicle’s brakes, it’s important to get them checked out by a professional as soon as possible before they become worse or cause further damage to other parts of your vehicle.

What You Can Do For Regular Maintenance

To keep your brakes in top condition between services, there are some steps that you can take yourself such as inspecting regularly for signs of wear and tear or checking fluid levels at least once a year. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that you drive cautiously since excessive braking can cause accelerated wear and tear on both drum and disc brakes over time. 

Finally, if you ever experience any issues with your vehicle’s brakes such as squeaking noises or an inability to stop quickly enough then it is best to get them serviced immediately by a professional mechanic who can diagnose the issue quickly and accurately diagnose what repairs need to be made in order for them work properly again safely for you and other drivers on the road around you.

Brakes are essential for keeping drivers safe on the road—so understanding how they work is important. Ultimately it’s important that individuals take proper care of their vehicle’s braking systems not only for their own safety but also for everyone else sharing public roads with them.