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General Repairs

Car Inspection

The car inspection itself is mostly us taking a look at your car, making sure it is in good condition and ready to take you where you need to go. We check your fluids, tires, brakes, steering and suspention, check for any body damage, burnt out lights, a check engine light on the dash, as well as smaller things like your windshiled wipers.

We do this inspection so that we can find anthing you need to know about. We won’t take any actions unless you ask us to so you’re not getting stuff done you don’t want done, so you don’t have to pay money you may not have or want to spend.

Inspection VS Diagnosis

On an inspection we look at many components, over 50 points. We note what we see as needing attention or it looks fine and rate it from Green, Yellow and Red. We also look at fluid conditions and spark plugs and filters, when appropriate. An inspection allows us to note the condition of your vehicle and see what may need an in depth diagnosis and what components are operating correctly and have much more life.

On the other side, a diagnosis entails just one component or issue. We focus on that issue, following the testing process needed to identify the problem and then suggest proper repair to fix the problem. Diagnosing is a process that takes a great amount of skill and experience. We do use scanners to identify trouble codes in a vehicle. Those codes give us a starting place or what system may be having issues. We start doing our test from there. It is kind of like trying to find a certain house in a city using just the zip code. The zip code narrows the search down. Then knowledge and experience are used to figure out where that house is. It is not as easy as plugging a scanner and having it tell us what the problem is. To add to the difficulty in diagnosing many of the issues we deal with on a daily basis include electrical problems. Today’s vehicles have over a mile of wiring in them, with much of that wiring hidden in dashes, doors, carpets and body panels. A car today has over 200 computers in it controlling all the different systems in a vehicle. Our technicians are highly trained, using expensive equipment to find the problems, before we can begin the process of repairing them.

Wheel Alignment

Car Alignment

Your 50 point vehicle health inspection covers many important components of your car, including alignments.  When you bring your vehicle in we will go from bumper to bumper and document with descriptions and pictures what we see, then send it to you so you see what we see and can make informed decisions.  We will drive your car and get it on a lift to inspect the whole vehicle.  If we feel it pulling or see evidence of an alignment issue we will tell you.  If we see things that need immediate attention or if it can wait a while to save up for it first we will tell you.  It is your vehicle and our job is to find out how it is doing and then recommend repairs or services that meet what you use the vehicle for.

An improperly aligned vehicle will wear out costly tires causing the car to pull unsafely, it will also be unstable on slick roads.  Depending on what you use your vehicle for we recommend an alignment once every two years.

Oil Change Rexburg

Oil Change Rexburg

Your car needs to stay up and running, just like the rest of us and fresh oil is key. A clean batch not only lubricates your engine better but also contains additives that keep it in tip-top shape by neutralizing acids. Keep your car running smooth and be sure you’re using fresh oil.

How often should I get my oil changed?

Normally, it suggested you change your oil every 5,000 miles, though some of our mechanics here at Car Shop suggest doing so every 3,000 miles just to make sure you’re ahead of any possible issues in your car. There are a lot of small moving parts in a car that need to be well lubricated, and having us keep you clear and topped off will help keep your car running well.

Be sure to get your oil changed regularly, rather than letting it sit in the engine. An effective oil change will help you maximize the life of your car, so make sure to keep up with that schedule. It’s a simple step towards taking care of your ride and keeping things running smoothly.

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