Oil Change Rexburg

Your car needs to stay up and running, just like the rest of us and fresh oil is key. A clean batch not only lubricates your engine better but also contains additives that keep it in tip-top shape by neutralizing acids. Keep your car running smooth and be sure you’re using fresh oil.

Normally, it suggested you change your oil every 5,000 miles, though some of our mechanics here at Car Shop suggest doing so every 3,000 miles just to make sure you’re ahead of any possible issues in your car. There are a lot of small moving parts in a car that need to be well lubricated, and having us keep you clear and topped off will help keep your car running well.

Be sure to get your oil changed regularly, rather than letting it sit in the engine. An effective oil change will help you maximize the life of your car, so make sure to keep up with that schedule. It’s a simple step towards taking care of your ride and keeping things running smoothly.