Meet Our Team

Dru Simkins

Dru graduated from Ricks then continued to receive his bachelors from BSU in business administration. He loves driving nice cars, dancing, spending time with his family, and being involved in the Rexburg community. He is an entrepreneur at heart, and fit right in when he married into the Hepworth family and the Tri-state operation. He has continued to grow and enhance his knowledge and his operations. Overall, he is a trustworthy, knowledgeable car specialist. His skill is to help you save money, while continuing to have a dependable car.

Rexburg Diesel Mechanic Cannon


Diesel Mechanic – Automotive Technician

Cannon is originally from West Valley, Utah. Cannon has 12 years of experience as a technician. He started as a technician in 2011 when he was 17 years old. For most of the years before coming on with the Car Shop Team he worked on Light duty, Heavy duty, European vehicles, and Diesel vehicles… But, “It’s all the same when you know how they work,” Cannon says. When you come into the Car Shop you may hear Cannon singing off-key and off-tone from the waiting room because he likes to sing, but you’ll agree he should keep his day job! He also makes weird noises and some pretty good Mickey impersonations along with some other characters.

In Cannon’s free time, he likes to go shooting, but he really loves spending time with his wife and kids. He also goes and supports his wife, when the Farmer’s Markets is going on, with her amazing products.

Rexburg Mechanic Chuck


Car Mechanic – Auto Technician

Chuck is originally from Saint Ridges, Montana. Chuck started as a technician with Economy Chevrolet in St. Anthony at 17 years old giving him 46 years of experience!! Chuck started working with the Car Shop team 21 years ago in 2002. Chuck especially likes working on carbureted engines, building and repairing exhaust systems, building something out of nothing, & welding. He is one of the most pragmatic mechanics you’ll ever meet. 

Since Chuck is single, he enjoys etching glass, working on his project cars, and just making things out of nothing in his free time. He really is creative and amazing at glass etching.


Auto Mechanic

Nathan is Originally from the Rogue Valley in Oregon and moved to Rexburg in 2006 with his family and siblings. Nate has been in the automotive industry since he graduated high school in 2019, and recently became part of the Car Shop team in February 2023. Nathan’s goal is to become a Certified ASE Master Technician. 

In Nathan’s free time he enjoys drag racing and working on his trucks. He also enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, and playing basketball competitively. 

rexburg mechanic near me Jared


Toyota Mechanic – ASE Master Technician, Shop Foreman

Jared is originally from Kent, Washington, and moved to Rexburg for school to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Automotive. In 2018 Jared came to work with the Car Shop team working alongside the Senior technician gaining all the knowledge he could for the first 2 years. Jared is a certified ASE Master Automotive Technician. Jared has determined that diagnostics are what he likes doing the most, he enjoys the challenge of diagnosing issues with vehicles. 

In Jared’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 sons, especially spending time outdoors in the mountains with his family.



Auto Mechanic Service Manager

Mavrick is originally from Lewisville, Idaho but grew up in Arizona and Washington. He grew up working with cattle and Farming. He then worked as Plumber and completed his 4 year trade school Program. He is currently finishing up his Bachelor degree in Construction Management. Mavrick started with the Car Shop team in 2021 as a Service Advisor and is now our Service Manager. Mavrick says he loves working with our team, we are like a family.

In his free time, he loves to shoot firearms competitively, run races, explore the wilderness, and spend time with his wife and two daughters. 

Mekel Customer Service Car Shop


 Auto Mechanic Advisor

Mekel is originally from Rexburg, Idaho but grew up in other states, mostly in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mekel has worked in the automotive industry for 18 years. She started as a parts delivery driver for International Trucking when she was 19 years old. She then went on to work for an automotive parts house as a delivery driver and worked up the chain with parts and into Management and Commercial Sales. When Mekel was about 25 years old she began working in an Automotive shop as a service advisor. She has since worked as an Advisor and also a Service Manager running a shop, as well as helping open multiple locations before moving back home to Rexburg.

In Mekel’s free time, she loves gardening when the season comes, playing with her dogs, and camping with her husband and children.

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