Car Shop Auto Service Mantra – Building Better:

At the car shop building better is our purpose. Auto Services at the shop began 35 years ago. under my father-in-law. My wife and I bought it from him. Since that time we’ve assembled a fantastic auto repair crew, and continued professional auto services to meet your needs. Over time, our focus and belief have continued to develop. Rexburg Car Shop exists to build better and achieve. We firmly believe that this is not just a mechanic shop. The car shop mantra, building better helps all involved to become more or achieve higher levels. Now this may sound corny but it’s true we believe in building better. This includes building better practices in the business, communities, families, better futures, customers, and business possibilities. We want to help you build better and accomplish your desires and dreams and that permeates everything that we do. 

So when you come into Rexburg Car Shop, you will meet very kind. knowledgeable. helpful staff and if you ask them they’re going to say I need to add good looking to that. I think you’re going to have to decide whether that’s true or not. However, they are very helpful. When you come in we are going to figure out what’s going on with your car. We will diagnose it. More importantly, on every vehicle that comes in, we’re going to do a vehicle health inspection. 

Rexburg Car Shop Auto Services Building Better

We do vehicle health inspections on every vehicle so we know how to help you. When we look at the health inspection of your vehicle, we are looking for things that are going right, good things. We actually have a saying that goes on in the shop. Look for the good. We want to see what’s going on and what’s working correctly. Then we identify may need attention in the future and for things that are a little more concerning and I have a higher need. We’re going to put all these things into a report with pictures and descriptions. Then send them to you on your phone so that you, the car owner, can see what we see and you can make informed decisions. We then are going to put a plan together with you that helps to meet your needs and goals. 

With the attitude of building better, we are now offering a true lifetime oil change. We will change your oil for free for your life or the life of your car here in Rexburg. If you get a new car, it’s transferable to the new car. We want to build a trustful relationship with people here in Rexburg. Then grow and build better together.

In the process when the vehicle we are working on is done, we are going to help you further By setting up reminders or appointments for future maintenance or repairs that may need to be done and follow it up with texts and emails to keep you in the loop and keep you up to date on what needs to be done so that we can take that worry off your plate and you don’t have to think about it we help you take care of that and at the end, before you leave we’re going to give you a really good not healthy but good mainly to celebrate the good decisions that you’ve made with us.

 now I’ve covered some of the why we do what we do and how we do it now what is it exactly then that we are doing well we are here to meet your needs and we do this with very skilled educated and driven technicians who have the latest technology at their command and they are wanting you to go out and reach your desires and dreams.

Here at the Car Shop, we believe that care is better than repair. Taking care and maintaining your vehicle, keeping it on the road longer, saving you money, saving you time, and helping you build better at work. We are striving to build better for you and your future.