Squeaky Belt On Car

Maintaining your engine means understanding the different drive belts at work. Before computers drove car manufacturing, there were “fan” and “V-belts,” winding through in multiple patterns to power essential parts of the motor – like a fan or water pump.

Today’s more streamlined takes on those designs are called serpentine belts since they essentially travel along one continuous path around several pulleys throughout an engine, replacing all other types with the one Drive Belt. Unfortunately, even with most of the belts having been removed, those that are still in place can still become a sqeaky belt on your car.

Car Belt Noise

Why do belts squeal? When your car’s drive belt starts squealing, it means the friction between its pulleys is slipping – and that can lead to some major problems. Inspecting the belts should be done by a reputable shop, but you might notice one of them has cracked rubber or appears brittle; this usually indicates an old belt that needs replacing as soon as possible before more damage occurs. Fortunately new belts supply plenty of friction for smoother operation.

Squeaky Belt on Car Fix

Avoid the potential for being stranded on the highway – replace your drive belts before they break. When a belt snaps, it can cause some serious damage to hoses and radiators or even make your engine overheat. Taking care of them now will help avoid any future roadside dramas.